Where to Take an Amazing Picture of Your Exotic Car?

Miami, the city of sun-drenched beaches, vibrant culture, and luxurious lifestyle, offers more than a glamorous vacation destination; it is also a paradise for amateur photographers and luxury car lovers. And why not mix both passions for a fantastic day out?

Just imagine the lure of exotic cars, with their sleek designs, set against Miami’s stunning backdrops, from tranquil waterfronts to bustling urban streets. If this isn’t Instagrammable, I need to know what else.

In this article, we take you through some of the city’s most picturesque locations, ideal for creating images that will blow your mind.

What are you waiting for? Grab your camera and the keys to your Porsche, and keep reading

Capturing the Essence of Miami in Your Car Photos

Matheson Hammock Park

Matheson Hammock ParkOur first stop is Matheson Hammock Park in Coral Gables. This park was created in 1930 thanks to a land donation from William J. Matheson, a wealthy industrialist. It was designed by architect William Lyman Phillips and features a relaxing natural tropical landscape. It is famous for its artificial atoll pool, which is naturally cleansed by the tidal action of Biscayne Bay.

Why do we recommend it?

The combination of natural tropical beauty and artificial charm contrasts the sleek, modern lines of the exotic cars. You’ll have amazing photographs and plenty of relaxation and tranquility.

Ideal car: Porsche 911, especially if you plan to take pictures during the day.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Bill Baggs Cape 1If the beach as a backdrop is your thing, then you can walk around Bill Bags Cape in Key Biscayne. The park’s history is closely tied to the iconic Cape Florida Lighthouse, which dates back to 1825.

The park features natural sandy beaches, coastal dunes, and a variety of native flora and fauna. The lighthouse has been restored to reflect its 19th-century construction, but it is also one of the region’s best-known and most important historical monuments.

Why do we recommend it?

First, it’s the perfect place to photograph marine views, especially if visual composition is your thing. Plus, you’ll have something to tell your next gathering of friends – who else could say they went in an exotic car to photograph a lighthouse over two hundred years old?

The perfect car for this: Lamborghini Huracan Evo. Go big or go home.

Old Cutler Road

Old Cutler RoadOld Cutler Road is the ideal choice for those who want to be in touch with nature, especially trees. This historic road dates back to the early 20th century and was named in honor of William F. Cutler, a pioneer and settler in the Miami area.

The road is known for its scenic route, lined with ancient banyan trees and lush foliage. It also runs through some of Miami’s most beautiful and affluent neighborhoods, so you’ll have a chance to capture stunning views.

Why do we recommend it?

The tree canopy and winding roads offer a unique natural tunnel effect, perfect for dynamic shots of cars in motion, almost as if you were in a time tunnel.

Our top-pick car: Audi r8 Spyder.

Crandon Park Marina

Crandon Park BeachAlso on Key Biscayne, Crandon Park was part of the largest coconut plantation in the United States, owned by the Crandon family. The marina was later developed, enhancing the area’s appeal as a recreational destination.

The marina features state-of-the-art facilities against the beautiful backdrop of the bay. It is a yachting center and offers breathtaking views, especially at sunset.

Why do we recommend it?

The contrast of sleek, modern exotic cars against the backdrop of the marina, with its luxurious yachts and open water, creates a scene worthy of any Instagram. In addition, the light reflections on the water add a dynamic element to the car photos.

Our recommended car is any of Lamborghini’s Urus series.

Miami Ironside

Miami IronsideMiami Ironside is a relatively new addition to Miami’s urban landscape, emerging as a hub for the creative and design industries.

The area is characterized by modern urban design, colorful murals, chic architecture, and an industrial feel. It is a community of artists, designers, and entrepreneurs.

Why do we recommend it?

The vibrant street art and contemporary structures in Miami Ironside provide an eye-catching, edgy backdrop for photographing exotic cars. And the modern, artistic environment? Pure magic that will make you achieve the most spectacular photos.

Connecting with Miami’s Car Photography Community

Miami’s car photography scene is as vibrant and colorful as the city. Here, amateur and professional photographers come together, so personally and professionally, connecting with this community can be an enriching experience.

A great way to start this hobby is to attend local events and gatherings, especially if you want your favorite exotic car to be the protagonist of your best photos. 

Miami hosts numerous automotive events, such as classic car shows, exotic car fairs, and enthusiast gatherings. These events are ideal opportunities to capture stunning images, ride your Ferrari F8, and have fun.

Social media is another valuable tool for connecting with the community. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have groups and pages dedicated to car photography in Miami. Participating in these groups can provide information on the best places to shoot, tips on photography techniques, and, why not, maybe you will also connect with people who love luxury cars as much as we do.

But above all, remember that every interaction with the community is an opportunity to learn and grow. Suppose you’re lucky to connect with a community that shares your interests. In that case, you’re building a network and immersing yourself in a passionate and dynamic culture that celebrates both the beauty of exotic cars and the art of capturing them in an image.

Ethics of Photography in Exclusive Places

The ethics of exotic car photography, especially in exclusive locations, is something you should always keep in mind. And know this: it’s all about respect. So, here are a few tips.

Respect Private and Public Property 

Obtain the necessary permits before photo shoots on private property or in specific public spaces. This will ensure that you operate within the law and avoid any inconvenience.

Environmental Awareness 

Most of the time, you will be in natural or protected areas, so you should be careful not to alter these spaces. Try renting electric cars, like our Tesla Model X, to reduce your carbon footprint and pollution.

Interacting with the Local Community 

In residential or tourist areas, the behavior of the photographer and models (in this case, exotic cars) should be respectful of residents and visitors. So, no matter how awesome your Ferrari is, avoid blocking roads, respect privacy, and be considerate of others’ personal space.


This includes respecting traffic regulations and not encouraging dangerous driving behavior.


Miami’s diverse and picturesque locations offer a treasure trove of opportunities for exotic car photography. The city satisfies every photographer’s dream, from serene parks to bustling urban areas. As you explore these hot spots, remember to connect with the community, respect the locations, and, most importantly, let your creativity drive your search for the perfect shot. 

Miami is not just a city; it’s a canvas waiting for you to capture the essence of luxury and elegance through your lens. And if you’re looking for the perfect car, come to Prestige Luxury Rentals. What are you waiting for?


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