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The name “Audi”, a Hungarian automobile company established in 1910 and sold to Volkswagen in 1964, may not have the same name recognition as some of the other more visible luxury car makers, but by all accounts the quality of automobiles manufactured meets or exceeds the standards for luxury cars. When you rent an Audi, you are cushioned in the very best materials to be had, and it is not an experience you will soon forget. You will remember an Audi rental and yearn for the day when you can either rent one again or pull one into your own garage. Audi has often been on the cutting edge of automotive technology, and their all-wheel drive system pioneered in the 1980’s was a watershed moment for the company and the automotive industry as a whole. Launched in the mid ‘90’s was the Audi 4, which is credited for single-handedly reviving the Audi brand after two decades of slumping sales. The core characteristics of the Audi 4 still exist today, to include the Quattro all-wheel drive, a handsome design, and sharp handling. An Audi 4 rental provides class and performance, which you will experience when you rent an Audi 4. An Audi 5 rental, an elegant and muscular appearing sports coupe, delivers more of the same expected of an Audi automobile. Rent an Audi 5 and see for yourself. If you are in need of a luxury SUV with the same performance markers as other Audi products, the Audi Q7 rental definitely deserves a place on the list. Equipped with many sophisticated luxury and safety features, when you rent an Audi Q7 you are surrounded by high-end accoutrements and performance. For the more sports minded, you may choose to rent an Audi TT. It debuted as a concept car in 1995, and reached production shortly thereafter, causing quite a stir in the automotive world, with a design unlike any Audi had attempted before. Essentially a two-seater GT, the back seat is really too small to accommodate passengers. For most, this is no big loss as an Audi TT rental is really for fun and not meant as a major transport. This brings us to the Audi R8 rental. Introduced in 2008, this little gem is admired for its head-turning style, comfortable cabin, and exotic lines. The performance is definitely up to the Audi standard, and improves with each successive generation. When you rent an Audi R8, you get a taste of the exotic at an exhilarating pace. The Audi name may not be as high-profile as some of the other luxury car players in the field, but rest assured, none surpass Audi for sophistication, comfort, class, or performance. Once you experience an Audi, it will be love at first drive