Luxury Car Rental Policy

We accept all conventional forms of payment. Conventional forms include credit cards, bank issued debit cards, wire transfers, and cash.
A nonrefundable reservation deposit is required upon booking. A reservation may be cancelled prior to 72 hours of arrival date without further penalty.
It is important for us to provide a comfortable environment for each client. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all of our vehicles. If this policy is violated, a $500.00 fee will be imposed.
If you would like to share your experience with another driver, up to two additional drivers can be added under a contract. There is a daily fee of $24.99 per additional driver. Additional drivers must meet the same requirements as the primary driver.
All of our vehicles require premium/93 octane gas. Please return your rental with the same gas level as delivered. If Prestige has to refuel the vehicle, a surcharge will be applied.
Our rental offices are located in Florida, Georgia and New Jersey/New York. We are happy to offer nationwide delivery depending on a client’s request. We may require a minimum rental duration and delivery fee that is dependent on the distance from our nearest location.
Vehicles are to remain within the state in which they were picked up. If you plan to drive a vehicle across state lines, please make a request prior to the start of your rental.
We are proud to offer delivery and pick up services nationwide. Reservations can be delivered to a requested hotel, residence, public/private airport, and so forth. Please provide a 1 hour window for delivery.
Our rentals are calculated on a 24 hour basis. A single day rental is a full 24 hour period from the time the vehicle is delivered.
Any rental falling on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday requires a two-day rental minimum. Weekends tend to be the busiest days for us and this is done to ensure your vehicle of choice. One-day rentals are available on weekends on a last minute basis.
Prestige does not provide any refunds for open and signed contracts. If you have any concerns during your rental period, please contact us immediately so we can make necessary arrangements to keep you satisfied with our service. In some cases, a credit can be applied to your account for a future reservation.
100 complimentary miles per day are allotted on all of our vehicles. Prepaid mileage packages are available on all rentals. Additional mileage cost varies depending on the class of vehicle.
Renters are responsible for any and all parking tickets, towing charges, traffic or speeding violations, and any other fees issued during their rental period along with the incurred cost.
While we do our very best to offer a seamless rental experience for all of our clients, at times unforeseen circumstances can arise. Therefore we cannot guarantee a specific vehicle color. If for some reasons the vehicle you have reserved is not available will provide you with a vehicle in an equal or greater class.
The vehicle shall not be used (1) in violation of any law, ordinance or regulation, (2) by any person who is under the influence of intoxicants, narcotics or drugs, (3) if any automobile, for the transportation of persons or property for hire, (4) in any race, test, or competitive event, (5) outside the state in which the vehicle was rented without Lessor’s prior consent, (6) by any person not listed on the signed rental agreement, (7) by any person under the age of 21, (8) to push or tow any vehicle except with Lessor’s prior written consent.
We understand that our clients travel plans may include an alternate departure city, therefore we may approve a one-way rental with an additional charge. Please discuss your travel plans with a Sales Executive for more information.
Prior to finalizing a reservation, each client will receive a total quote. Your rental quote will include all state and government taxes as well as any additional mandated surcharges and/or fees.
As a courtesy, we provide a 1 hour grace period on all rental returns. After this grace period has expired, an hourly rate will be charged. Any returns 6 hours past the return time will be considered an additional day.