2016 Ferrari 488 Spider

A Convertible That Drives Like a Coupe
Do you like small tight cars that grip the pavement like the wheels are glued to it, even while driving at over 100 miles per hour? If so, the 2016 Ferrari 488 Spider is the car for you. This car is designed specifically for people who enjoy open road driving at fast speeds with the top down.

And that last part is the most important thing about the 2016 Ferrari 488 Spider. Unlike most convertibles, the 488 Spider loses almost no speed, acceleration, or handling compared to its hard top brethren. It still has a sprint speed of 3 seconds, it still offers precision steering, and it still has some of the best brakes you can find on a high performance vehicles. Any true car lover will absolutely love the features built into this car:

  • 3.9L Twin Turbocharged V8 Engine
  • 661 Horsepower
  • Automatic Convertible Top that Opens at Speeds Up to 28 MPH
  • 7 Speed Twin Clutch Automatic Transmission
  • Mid Engine Layout

This Ferrari is a rare vehicle indeed. Besides holding its own against hard top competitors, it is a rare vehicle where you actually want to listen to the hum of the engine. The powerful engine emits a pleasant sound that can almost be compared to a lullaby, though you should obviously be careful not to fall asleep while tearing over open highways or around tight mountain curves.

Performance isn’t the only place where this vehicle stands out. It also an eye-pleasing beauty that stands out in a crowd. The flowing design is actually a bit understated around the wheel wells, giving the impression that the car is more like a jackrabbit than a jaguar. The design aesthetic is further complemented by inverted lines on the hood that giver a sharp, high tech look.

Finally, the interior completes the picture painted by the exterior and the specifications. Black leather racing bucket seats mold precisely to driver and passenger to ensure that everyone enjoys a smooth ride, even while tearing around hard turns or driving at extra legal speeds. Nearly all standard dashboard controls are found on or near the steering wheel, including a GPS display that is visible through the steering wheel.

Clearly designed with racing in mind, the 2016 Ferrari 488 Spider is the future of high speed, top down driving. Check out Exotic Car Rental Miami.

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