Car Information

  • Porsche Taycan 4S

  • Fuel Economy: 18/24
  • 800V Performance Battery
  • HorsePower: 429
  • Miles Included: 100
  • 143 mph
$ 0.00 /for 1 day(s)

Car and Driver says, “the Taycan 4S is fast, racy, and has no tailpipe emissions. It’s also an absolute stunner in person.” At Prestige Luxury Rentals, it takes a lot to stun us when it comes to exotic cars, but believe us — Car and Driver is right. Let us tell you why you need it on your next roadtrip.

Fast As Lightning Is an Understatement

In road tests, the Taycan 4S goes from 0 to 60 mph in an unbelievable 3.4 seconds. That’s faster than most Mercedes-AMG models. But how does an electric car even do that? The Taycan 4S gets it done with:

  • An impressive Porsche-exclusive 800V Performance Battery
  • A physics-breaking powertrain capable of 429 hp
  • Adaptive air suspension for those irresistible highway curves
  • Regenerative braking that harnesses the kinetic power of a hard stop and feeds it back into the battery

With a top speed of 143 mph, you won’t forget you’re in a Porsche on those long straightaways. However, at about 70 mph, it’s only about as loud as a normal conversation at 68 decibels. And that’s on the outside. Inside, it’s even quieter.

An Electrifying Interior

After everything we just told you, would you believe that the Taycan is a four-door sedan? Though pedestrians will see little more than a vaguely Porsche-shaped blur as you coast on by, you’ll be surrounded by:

  • A 16.8-inch digital instrument readout
  • A 10.9-inch touchscreen to power its wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features (navigation and HD radio, for instance)
  • Four USB ports with additional wireless charging pads
  • A back-seat entertainment system
  • Quad-zone climate control

For fun, fuel-less family trips and weekend getaways with the crew, it’s hard to do better than this electric luxury car rental. With the lane-keep and parking-assist sensors, every road will feel as familiar as they do back home.